Meet Leila
Sometimes you just have to take the plunge ... "Leap and the net will appear”, as the saying goes.

So here I am, former employee of an Investment Banking firm, emerging from a corporate hegemony, taking a risk to do what I love. With a long standing passion for the arts, including but not limited to literature, design, architecture, photography, and music … it is a wonder I lasted as long as I did in finance.  :)

I have had the privilege of traveling to many different parts of the world, being exposed to the richest of cultures and scenery that always pushed me one step closer turning a hobby into a profession. More than the tangible elements though, what I love most about photography is the people, the connections, the smiles and laughter, the mood conveyed … the love we can see and most importantly, feel.


Why “CafeauLei”?

When I originally started blogging and was thinking of website names, I wanted to create an inviting space for folks to feel like they had entered a virtual cafe.  A place they could grab a cup of coffee, read, create, share, and connect with me and with each other.  And thus came about "cafeauLei" with a piece of my name "Lei" being a play on the original French spelling cafe au Lait.  So grab a cafe au lait with CafeauLei and enjoy!  Thanks for visiting.


My quiet poems are felt deep inside my soul. They are delicate whispers that speak to me and ask me to come out everyday, to tell my story. However not in words, but in a collection of single frames, caught in that light that silently paints and brings them to life.

My quiet poems, they exist in your eyes and slowly lead you into my imperfect world.

Feel them.
Breathe them.
Live them.

- Written by Matilde